Gentle Tooth Extractions for Improved Oral Health in Dallas, TX

In cases where a tooth experiences significant damage or an infection that is too advanced for a root canal, a tooth may be required to preserve your smile and prevent more serious issues. Our dentists at Contemporary Dentistry offer gentle tooth extractions in Dallas, TX to help save your teeth from further damage.

When are Tooth Extractions necessary?

Although not an ideal solution, an extraction may be required if the tooth is seriously decayed or diseased to be restored with a root canal or crown. The tooth also needs removing if it is too fractured or broken to be saved by any dental procedure. Here are some more cases when you might need a tooth extraction:

  1. To create space for orthodontic procedure
  2. Help improve your bite alignment and chewing ability
  3. You have an impacted wisdom tooth
  4. To make room for dentures or bridges

Our clinic’s priority is preventive dentistry, that’s why we consider restorations first to save your teeth. But if it comes down to saving your smile for further complications, we’re here to perform gentle tooth extractions.

Feel Safe During Tooth Extractions

At Contemporary Dentistry, ensuring your comfort during the procedure is our top priority. Our dentist will numb the area where the extraction is being done using anesthesia. We might also provide sedative like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you become peaceful and comfortable. This is beneficial not just for patients requiring more intensive care, but it also helps those with specific needs or anxieties feel more at ease during their treatment, resulting in a more positive outcome.

Our dentists are here to listen to your fears and concerns. Don’t hesitate to speak up and say what’s bothering you. You’ll be surprised how a conversation can help ease your anxiety and make you comfortable.

Removing Wisdom Tooth and Impacted Teeth

Some dental issues may sometimes require more than a simple tooth extraction, like the removal of wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth. Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars that comes out during your teenage years or twenties. It is highly recommended that these wisdom teeth be removed to avoid overcrowding and pushing the other teeth to the front.

On the other hand, impacted teeth are those that got stuck in the gums and unable to grow in between the two teeth. They cause pain and discomfort if not removed. In such cases, we take x-ray images to precisely locate the tooth to be extracted. This ensures that no blood vessels, nerve tissues, or sinus cavities are in danger.

Using a pair of forceps, we carefully extract the tooth, and we sew the wound together. This could take as little as half an hour in certain circumstances.

One of the dos and don’ts after wisdom tooth extraction is never to drive on your own. Ask a friend or family member to drive you home following the procedure because the anesthesia takes time to wear off.

We will give aftercare instructions and prescriptions for any drugs that may be required. During a follow-up appointment, we can remove the sutures. For the first twenty-four hours, you should take it easy, consume only soft meals, and avoid solid foods.

Preserve Oral Health with Gentle Tooth Extractions

At Contemporary Dentistry of Dallas, we conduct gentle tooth extractions in Dallas, TX with comfort and high-precision.

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