IV Conscious Sedation

Relax with IV Conscious Sedation in Dallas, TX

Sedation dentistry can be very helpful for patients with severe tooth sensitivity, poor pain tolerance, or dental anxiety. Nowadays, many dentists use different dental sedation treatments to give patients relaxation during procedures. One of these anxiety management methods is an IV conscious sedation.

Our dentists at Contemporary Dentistry provide IV conscious sedation in Dallas, TX. Continue reading to find out more about this intravenous sedation and its differences from other sedation dentistry techniques.

What is an IV Conscious Sedation?

An intravenous (IV) conscious sedation is an anti-anxiety medication given through the bloodstream during dental procedures. Although you won’t be put to sleep, an IV sedation method is commonly referred to as “twilight” or “sleep” dentistry.

During a dental treatment, the sedative aids in the patients’ relaxation and sense of calm. Most people who are sedated can answer questions from their dentist, but after the anesthetic wears off, you probably won’t recall what happened.

Benefits of IV Conscious Sedation

If you are about to undergo a dental procedure and have jitters about it, you could benefit from IV conscious sedation. Here is the full list of its benefits:

1. Anxiety Management

Regardless of the procedure being done, one of the main reasons we use dental sedation is to assist patients who are extremely apprehensive or concerned about their appointments. Some patients’ teeth have suffered as a result of their complete avoidance of going to the dentist due to anxiety.

2. Limits Motion

Some dental treatments require a patient to remain still during the entire procedure. However, some patients have difficulty doing so, particularly small children. An IV conscious sedation will help the patients to stay still, even those who experience pain when seated for extended periods may find relief.

3. Increased Comfort

An intravenous sedation can significantly reduce discomfort and stress when undergoing a dental procedure, especially those that are perceived to be painful like a root canal or tooth extraction.

4. Successful Treatment

Not only will an anxious patient hinder the dentist from performing a procedure effectively, but it can also prevent a successful treatment altogether. Providing relaxation during procedures through IV conscious sedation can help ensure a successful treatment.

Who Can’t Take an IV Sedation?

To determine whether an IV conscious sedation is the right choice, your dentist will perform some assessments on your medical and dental history. Medical history includes past interactions with drugs or alcohol, surgical histories, and current medical ailments. The doctor will ask about the medications you are taking.

Your dentist will also perform a physical examination, focusing on your ability to breathe comfortably without any hindrances. You will not be allowed to take an IV conscious sedation if you are any of the following:

  • Pregnant at any stage
  • Allergic to medication
  • Has a sleep apnea (sleep disorder)
  • Intoxicated
  • Currently under certain medications

Make sure to answer your dentist as accurately and as truthfully as possible to avoid any complications during the dental procedure

What to Expect

Here at Contemporary Dentistry, we will provide detailed instructions so you know what to expect on the day of your treatment if we recommend IV sedation.

After helping you get comfortable in the dentist chair, one of our staff members will give you medicine via an IV in your hand or arm. You’ll feel the effects of the drug immediately because it enters your bloodstream instantly.

You will feel drowsy or sleepy and likely to have substantial gaps in your recollection because of the anesthesia, but we can wake you up at any point.

Your dentist will keep an eye on your vital signs while you’re on the sedative medicine. Throughout your procedure, we will monitor your comfort level and make any necessary dosage adjustments to keep you at ease.

When the treatment is over and the IV is removed, the effects of the medicine start to wear off. However, you’ll need someone to drive you home to ensure your safety. For the next 24 hours make sure to rest so you can recover effectivey.

Relax During Procedures with Safe IV Sedation

Our dentists at Contemporary Dentistry will help you relax during any dental treatments you are about to undergo. We offer IV conscious sedation in Dallas, TX, to help our patients with anxiety management and provide relaxation during procedures.

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