Routine Cleanings

Transform your Smile with Routine Cleanings in Dallas TX

Many people know that routine dental cleanings are vital to maintaining healthy dental hygiene. They help ward off gum disease and teeth cavities. However, only some genuinely understand what the procedure entails or when or why it is done. This article will help you discover the wonders of routine cleanings in Dallas, TX. 

What are Routine Dental Cleanings?

A routine cleaning may vary in frequency, but most dentists suggest doing this every six months. However, if there are signs of gum disease, you could be asked to return in three to four months.

Before the actual procedure, the dentist will perform an initial examination of your mouth and ask for your dental history. In a dental cleaning procedure, your dentist will use specialized instruments to remove thick tartar deposits and sticky plaque from the areas of your teeth above your gum line. This cleaning is crucial for treating gingivitis, a minor form of gum disease, and preventing gum disease altogether.

During the same appointment, they might also apply fluoride treatments and dental sealants, among other preventive procedures. Routine dental cleanings usually take less than an hour. However, this non-surgical procedure may also vary in length depending on your teeth and gums’ health condition.

During routine cleanings, ask your hygienist about any areas of your mouth that might benefit from extra assistance with brushing and flossing routines. Your hygienist can also ensure that you are doing both of these tasks correctly, which will help you remove as much plaque and tartar as possible during your at-home routine.

What Happens After the Routine Dental Cleaning

Following a dental cleaning, depending on the extent of scaling and type of tools used, your mouth may feel a little strange. In some cases, the gaps between your teeth will seem bigger. This feeling will eventually go away after some time. The more important thing you should notice is that you will feel a smooth, plaque-free teeth surface.

At Contemporary Dentistry, our service doesn’t end after your routine cleanings in Dallas, TX. We care about your overall oral health. So, make sure to communicate with our dentist after the procedure and ask questions on what to do next.

Our dentists are the best resource for advice on what to do following your dental cleaning. They could provide you with advice on healthy eating and quitting smoking, as well as how to brush and floss properly.

Asking about how your mouth should feel, how long you should wait to eat or drink following your appointment, and when to book your next routine cleaning or specialist appointment, if necessary, may also be beneficial.

Routine Dental Cleaning Benefits

Another important lesson to keep in mind is that teeth cleaning should be a part of dental hygiene and should not end with one appointment. You should follow the prescribed frequency by your dentist for continuous protection of your teeth. In summary, here are the benefits of routine dental cleanings:

  • They help avoid oral diseases.
  • Keep your good dental health.
  • Help detect early signs of decay, infections, or cavities.

Expert Routine Cleanings for Dental Health

Now that you know more about teeth cleaning, ensure you get your dental service only from trustworthy providers. Our team at Contemporary Dentistry fits the job description. We’ve been providing expert routine cleanings in Dallas, TX, since 2000 and are deeply committed to strengthening the overall dental health of the community.

Scheduling a dental appointment with one of our expert dentists is easy. Just call (214) 366-4646 or schedule an appointment right now. We look forward to serving you and reestablishing excellent dental health.