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Our top procedures include dental implants, Invisalign, clear aligners, root canals, and teeth whitening.

How Can We Help?

I need a check up
Periodic dental cleanings at Contemporary Family Dentistry keep your dental health on track. Discover the benefits of optimal care and regular check-ups.
I want better dental function
Technology, advanced training, & compassionate service blend perfectly together at Contemporary Family Dentistry.
I want to improve my smile
Dallas, TX’s best dentists at Contemporary Family Dentistry offer cosmetic dentistry options that perfect your smile & restore your confidence.
Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Tommy Song

& Dr. Joon Cho

As experts of their fields, both Dr. Song and Dr. Cho have sought to combine an exceptional patient experience with the latest in family dentistry. Contemporary Dentistry embodies their vision as it combines seamless patient experience with optimal care.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit each patient’s unique needs. Our team stresses the importance of preventative care to support your overall health and keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life.

We are the most advanced digital dental office you will likely find. We have digital scanners to avoid using gooey impression materials, 3D printers to provide same day trial smiles, lasers, and 3d cone beam CT radiographs for surgical planning. Other amenities to provide optimal results and comfort include:

Air Flow Polishing
Digital Scanners
Virtual Smile Consultations

We Love Hearing from You

Whether it’s your first visit or not, Our Best Dentist in Dallas TX, committed to providing you with excellent service throughout your entire visit.