Protect your Smile with Custom Mouthguards in Dallas, TX

Many adults in America suffer from bruxism, the medical name for teeth grinding. It might range from the occasional aching jaw to persistent grinding. It’s frequently challenging to determine whether grinding is a temporary inconvenience or a major issue, depending on how long the behavior has been happening. It might be time to visit your dentist to discuss getting a mouth guard for teeth grinding.

What is a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards (also called night guard or splint) are a great preventive measure for a variety of scenarios that could damage or injure your gums and teeth. Our teeth’s outermost coating, called enamel, is stronger than bone, but damage can still happen in a number of ways. If you grind your teeth when you sleep, mouthguards will help protect your them from possible damage.

The best mouthguard for teeth grinding is made out of a hard plastic appliance that is custom-molded to fit over your upper teeth. It serves as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth so the enamel doesn’t chip, break, or wear down when you grind. The mouthguard can also help shield your crowns, implants, or other cosmetic treatments from harm, just as much as it does for your natural teeth.

Signs That You Need a Mouthguard

Right now, you might be wondering if you should wear a mouthguard. At Contemporary Dentistry, we provide custom mouthguards in Dallas,TX and highly recommend that you get one if you have any of the following symptoms:

1. Persistent grinding – This means that you grind your teeth most nights.

2. Chipped Tooth – It may be an indication of bruxism although you are not aware of it.

3. Consuming Antidepressants – Depression medicines have certain components that are suspected to cause sleep grinding.

4. TMJD – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a condition caused by clenching and grinding of teeth that results to inflammation of the muscles surrounding the jaw.

The Best Mouthguard for Teeth Grinding

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, it is highly advisable that you get a mouthguard to protect your teeth. However, it is important that you also get the best mouthguard for teeth grinding among the three types available in the market:

Stock Mouthguards

These are stock products you can purchase at the drugstore or from online shop. They are inexpensive but have limited fits. Stock mouthguards can be too bulky or uncomfortable to wear, which may result to difficulty in breathing and speaking.

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguard

This type of mouthguard provides an improved fit compared to a stock mouthguard. As the name suggests, you will boil the product and bite while it’s warm to get the shape of your teeth. In order to get a good fit, you need to follow the instructions carefully.

Custom Mouthguards

It is considered the best mouthguard for teeth grinding. Custom mouthguards are created with the help of professional dentists to fit perfectly. These are the most comfortable and effective way to prevent any damage on your teeth caused by bruxism.

How to Get a Custom Mouthguard

Although teeth grinding is a frequent problem, you shouldn’t have to endure the pain. Schedule a consultation with one of our dentist to discuss the benefits of mouth guards in teeth protection from bruxism and other unwanted behaviors.

Getting a custom mouthguard will require two visits to our clinic. On your first appointment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and create a model to be sent to the lab. Our expert technicians will create the custom mouthguard from the model.

Your second visit is to make sure your mouthguard fits perfectly on your teeth. The dentist will smooth down any sharp edges and make any required corrections to give the custom mouthguard the unique form and size that’s perfect for you!

When wearing your new custom mouthguard at night, you may feel uncomfortable at the beginning. There’s no need to worry. You just need to get used to the feeling by making it a habit to wear the mouthguard every night.

Make sure to clean your custom mouthguard everyday to remove bacteria. It is also important to soak it in antibacterial solution once in a week to ensure of its cleanliness.

Safeguard Your Smile with Custom-Fit Mouthguards

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