Meet the Doctors

Experienced Dentist in Dallas, TX

Contemporary Dentistry is a monument to dental innovation and first-rate treatment, situated in the vibrant center of Dallas, Texas. Allow us to give a hearty welcome and welcome you to a world of dentistry that has no bounds. In this domain, our distinguished dental artists, Dr. Tommy Song, and Joon Cho, are at the top of professionalism. This redefines what it means to experience dental excellence by fusing cutting-edge technology and aesthetic skill under a patient-focused approach.

Meet Our Expert Dentists

Dr. Tommy Song

Enter the world of Dr. Tommy Song, where the practice of creating smiles reaches breathtakingly beautiful and elegant new heights. Particularly in the area of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Song has played a key role in making Contemporary Dentistry a beacon of dental quality. His creative talent and in-depth knowledge of face aesthetics are unmatched. Understanding the art of the smile is at the heart of Dr. Song’s approach, rather than just dental procedures. His work shows that he is committed to being on the cutting edge of dental breakthroughs.

“You can rest assured that at Contemporary Dentistry, there will absolutely be no compromise in patient care and patient experience.”

Contemporary Dentistry, under the direction of Dr. Song, has developed into a haven of extraordinary dental artistry where the inherent beauty of every smile is appreciated and improved. Dr. Song’s steadfast dedication to the dental arts is seen by the distinctive, customized adventures he creates for each patient, which are characterized by painstaking attention to detail and care.

Dr. Song has a very clear mindset when it comes to dental excellence: “At Contemporary Dentistry, we don’t simply strive for perfection—we guarantee it. Our commitment to unparalleled excellence is evident in every facet of patient care.”

Dr. Joon Cho

A collaborative patient-dentist connection is the cornerstone of outstanding treatment, according to Dr. Joon Cho, who is famous for creating customized dental experiences. Through his guidance from diagnosis to therapy, Dr. Cho’s approach empowers patients by making sure their options are well-informed and their paths are well-mapped out.

“My passion is to create a seamless patient experience while striving for facial aesthetic perfection.”

Dr. Cho creates dental treatments that are more than just operations; they are works of art that reflect the cycles of nature. He does this by combining a keen aesthetic sense with dexterity and a diverse approach. He goes above and beyond the typical responsibilities of a dentist, meticulously and carefully developing his patients’ facial creativity to become a master in his trade.

The following sums up Dr. Cho’s philosophy: “My passion is intricately woven into every facet of our patient’s journey, striving for seamless facial aesthetic perfection.” We create a balance between health and attractiveness at Contemporary Dentistry, not only repairing teeth.”